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Curvaceous and cool, the Barchetta takes design influences from an epic era. 


Barchetta, meaning “little boat” in Italian.

 The name originated in the late 1940s on a Ferrari. Since then, the label has been carried by the most stylish
open-top cars, some of which inspired this stunning design.




A little boat with a lion’s heart. The GM LS3 6.2 lire V8 in the Barchetta combines raw power with modernity and an aural soundtrack to boot.


With 430 BHP and 575 Nm of torque driving the rear wheels via a five-speed gearbox, the Barchetta delivers effortless, stylish performance.


As with its sister car, the Comet, the powertrain is positioned behind the front axle, giving a front-mid engine configuration which creates a neutral handling balance. The composite body sits on a box frame chassis, suspended by wishbones and a De dion rear end.



The Barchetta has been designed in a number of guises, including a pure open two-seater, closed single seater (a là D-Type Jaguar), or classic “double bubble speedster” with echoes of a Porsche 356.


The design that the Dowsetts team have created is all about understated class.


Inside, the car can be specified to the customer’s liking with interior trim, colour schemes, and internal design features custom-made to suit.


As with the Comet, the Barchetta is all about bespoke, British design at its best.  Like a Savile Row suit – but one you can drive.




Top speed in excess of 150 miles per hour.


But it's not about figures, it's about a feeling that no mass-produced vehicle can ever deliver.


Involved. Exhilarating. Deeply rewarding.


There is certainly very little else that is as visually and sensually exciting as the Barchetta.

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