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A visceral experience: for those who drive it and for those who look at it. 


The Comet dramatically redefines everything we've come to expect from a British sports car.

Muscularly elegant and beautiful, from every angle, outside and in.




Underneath the Comet’s retro-inspired exterior lies a modern heart. In the tradition of many 1960’s British sports cars, such as the AC Cobra and Jensen Interceptor, an American V8 combines raw power with modern levels of refinement and reliability. The Comet’s GM LS3 V8 provides 430 BHP and 575 Nm of torque from its 6.2 litres.


A Tremec five-speed transmission transfers power to the road through an LSD without the intervention of electronics. The powertrain is positioned behind the front axle, giving a front-mid engine configuration which creates a neutral handling balance. The composite body sits on a box frame chassis, suspended by wishbones and a De dion rear end.



Dowsetts' design language is as much about the small details as it is about the sculpted curves of its vehicle’s facades. Externally, the Comet takes its cues and inspiration from the shapes of 1950s and 60s motorsport. Sleek, sweeping curves from every angle echo the best of Anglo-Italian styling.


Inside, the car has many intricate features and luxury touches.


The customer plays an important part in the build process. Each Comet is hand-made to order, created to the customer’s individual and exacting requirements. No two vehicles are the same.  Bespoke, British design at its best.




0-60 in four seconds.


Top speed in excess of 150 miles per hour.


But it's not just about figures, it's about a feeling that no mass-produced vehicle can ever deliver.


Involved. Exhilarating. Deeply rewarding.


There is absolutely nothing else like the Comet.


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